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Personal Brand Photography

Today's post is all about personal branding photography and its benefits. If you don't know what personal branding is, listen carefully, because it is one of the most important elements when running your business! Personal branding provides imagery for entrepreneurs to tell their stories, uplift their brands, and connect with their audience to grow their business. These photos include:

HEADSHOTS: looking into the camera, half body, full body, all sorts of creative lifestyle photos, i.e. you laughing, walking, having good times, having coffee, and whatever that is natural to you.

WORKSPACE: wherever the action happens whether that's your desk, a cute separate room or office, your bed or couch, or you in a coffee shop. Think about what you use to actually do the work, such as: labtop, iPhone, planner or utensils. You can also be in the picture with them.

INSPIRATION ELEMENTS: grab a photo, magazine or book that truly inspires you. The element could be another person too.

PRODUCTS: picture of the product that you make, the products that use to work with, or the products that you share with your clients after the session.

FAVORITE ELEMENTS: photos of your favorite things around you, things you like the most and reflects your brand. Elements could include your pet, instruments you play, or book you go to over and over again.

Now, some the benefits of personal branding photography:

1) Tells your brand story: everyone has their unique story of how they got their business here, how

they want their business moving forward. It's your story and how it sets you apart from the others. The story can be inspiring, motivating, entertaining, or whatever the case can be; its a way that your audience connect with you and relate to you;

2) Connects with your audience: brand photography creates a connection with you clients; for example you can share photos about your feelings, fears, vulnerabilities and you open doors to attract like minded clients;

3) Sets you apart from the rest: since we all have a unique experience, our photos reflects that uniqueness forward so we can showcase our individuality.

4) Up-levels your brand: having custom photos gives brand recognition on your website, social media, and all your marketing elements. People look at your professional imagery and instantly know you own a legitimate business.

So in short, branding session help your customers, view YOU and see YOU in your business. They know you more and trust you more!

I hope this post give you some insights about the importance of brand photography. I really recommend this to every business out there.

With Love,


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